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A New Day!

blog Jul 20, 2018

Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to go home, get in bed and pull the covers over your head thinking "Man, I wish this day were over?"  I have. I have on more occasions than I care to admit. It's interesting how our days and nights can blend together and we get so busy or caught up in this thing called "Life" that we often forget to appreciate the day, let alone appreciate a moment in time.

One of the practices that I have incorporated into my life to set the stage for a great day is before my feet hit the ground I give THANKS for A NEW DAY!  It's brand new and I - if I allow it, can control which direction my day will go.  I have the ability to allow someone or something outside of myself to disrupt my day... and I also have the choice to be love... to be happy... to be compassionate... and correct me if I am wrong, but the world needs more of all of that in my not-so-humble opinion.

Today (and every day... generally) I find myself in complete awe and gratitude of the flow of the Universe and how when we are in that flow, magic really happens.

Like the time my brother and I were on a road trip and stopped off in Salida, Colorado, and we were walking back to the car for a longer journey to Loveland, Colorado, to visit his step-sons and out of the clear blue I was inspired to proclaim, "Good things always happen to me... I expect good things!" 

My brother, unsure of what to think about this sudden outburst, just looked at me with complete skepticism.  It was a pretty random comment at the time, now that I think about it. I cannot even begin to describe what, where, when or why I made that proclamation except for that I truly believe it. I truly believe that good things always happen to me - and I expect good things! 

To make a long story short, we arrived at the hotel in Loveland, late in the afternoon - both a little tired.  We had been traveling for quite some time and we were eager to get a little rest and cleaned up before our dinner with the boys.  To my surprise, there was this lovely woman standing behind the counter all glitzed up.  I complimented the woman behind the counter on her hat, her nails, the vest that she was wearing, they were absolutely beautiful.  It was like the 4th of July even though it wasn't. She thanked me for the compliments and asked me for my name and my reservation number and I gave her both.  I could tell from the way she was using the computer that my reservation had not made it into the system.  I did not get angry, I did not react at all, but I could tell from the look on my brother's face that he was a little concerned about it... and then, almost as if in an instant, she said, "What type of room did you reserve, a standard double queen?"  I said, "Yes."  And... are you ready for the magic?  She said, "Well I am going to upgrade you to a suite for the same price. Will that be okay with you, it still has double queens?"  I looked at my brother, smiled and said, "You see, good things always happen to me - I expect good things." He smiled knowingly. I thanked the woman profusely and we went about our day.  The suite was quite nice too.

There were a lot of magical moments on that quick road trip and it got me to thinking about the magic.  How many of you experience magic on a daily basis but you are so caught up in the mundane, or the hectic or whatever other focuses of life there are, that you do not recognize the magic?

I challenge each and every one of you reading this Blog, to find the magic every day.  Please share! I would love to hear about the magic in your life too! 

Until next time... expect good things and good things will come to you!

Lots of Love,

Mai Calev

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