Turn your dreams into reality.

Online Life Coaching Program with Mai

Learn how to define, design and experience your dream life


During the 12-Week Online Coaching Course, You will learn:

How to tune into your purpose so that you can discover and live a life of your dreams;

How to define, design, and test that sense of purpose for creating your dreams;

How to transform fear energy into energy that will propel you towards a life you absolutely LOVE living;

How to create a welcoming flow of energy to attract people, places, and opportunities into your life to create that life of your dreams;

And so much more!

Included in this product package is a weekly group coaching call. Once you purchase the program you will be sent an email that will include all of the pertinent call-in information.

The 1st Quarter of 2023 is almost gone.  Are you going to keep living the same life for the next 90 years, or are you going to live 90-years of life fulfilling one dream after another?

* Don't Delay, Register Today! Enrolling for group coaching classes starting May 8, 2023.


Increase your awareness

...so that you can improve your life in the areas of health, relationships, income, or time and money freedom.

Powerful thinking-strategies

...to assist you with increasing your professional and personal performance.

Become the best version of YOU, that you can possibly be

Create a blueprint for a life that you would love to live. 



"You will LOVE this program!"


"This program has truly been an eye-opener for me.

Within the first coaching call, I had several moments of awareness that helped me to gain clarity on my health and why I have/had been dealing with certain health issues.

The next major shift for me was the creation and manifestation of a new (used) car for me that I did not know at the time how it was going to come about or how I was going to pay for it.

I practiced some of the principles I learned in this course, and sure enough, it worked!

I would recommend this coaching program to anyone who feels they may be stuck or desires the ability to dream again.

It is very uplifting, motivational, eye-opening, and Mai Calev is a terrific life coach!

You will love this program!"

Sandy P, Phoenix AZ

Create a blueprint for a life that you would love to live

As a Certified Dreambuilder Life Coach I teach and coach you in a way that is full of compassion and understanding