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Mai - Certified Life Mastery Consultant, and Certified DreamBuilder Life Coach

I can help you design and manifest a life that is in harmony with your soul's purpose. I'm the author of the book The Light That Shines, Through the Fields of Fear, and a motivational speaker, the founder of Global Youth Delegation for Peace & Tolerance, Wife, Mother, and Friend. I love God, life, crystal healing therapy and energy work, people, animals, freedom, youth, and diversity, and all of humanity and the earth that is our home.


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Thoughts become things: 20-minute webinar for single moms who are stuck in a struggle mentality

Become the best version of YOU

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? What would you be, what would you do? What would you dare to discover? How would you share your gifts with the world? What charities would you help? What mark would you leave on the world? What legacy would you leave behind?