The Light That Shines, Through the Fields of Fear

The Light That Shines, Through the Fields of Fear, focuses attention on the current issues impacting the lives of many people here on earth, who have been led through the fields of fear, distrust, and confusion.  We have been living for centuries under various sets of lies, designed to separate us from each other, and more importantly, to separate us fromm ourselves.  This separation has had dire consequences on our societies.  It is time to release these patterns of fear, distrust, a,nd confusion, as they no longer serve us.  It is time to recapture the essence of our humanity, bringing forth our light, living our truth, and manifesting a life of joy.

The Light That Shines Through the Fields of Fear

The Light That Shines Through the Fields of fear is an impactful read.  It helps to create an awareness in you of the fear(s) that we have had spoon fed to us from the day we were born. As Mai Calev, likes to say, "Fear is paralyzing. Fear prevents us from moving forward with our dreams, goals and desires.  Fear blocks the heart from expanding, loving fully and feeling pure joy.  Fear brings discomfort into the cellular structure of our bodies and minds.  Fear rips apart the cohesive structures and fabric of our souls and has even destroyed entire families and societies.  Fear blocks.  Fear stifles. Fear keeps us in judgment of others. Fear darkens the soul and snuffs out "the light."  Purchase the book now and receive a personally autographed copy! Plus, you will receive the quarterly newsletter, and various updates on webinars, workshops, events, retreats, upcoming books, CD releases and much more! Your purchase price includes the price of shipping and handling.  Don't delay, order today!

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